Drive success with end to end digital insights

From one to hundreds of venues, sub-divided by region, brand or service; monitor and react to real-time results from social media, web traffic, online conversions, listing insights and top contributing posts in one easy to navigate dashboard with exportable reports.


Get access to the best overview possible with aggregated, multi-channel metrics and KPIs on one dashboard. Monitor your marketing teams performance; what is working and what is falling short. The amalgamation of performance and our chat tool on SocioConnect enables marketing teams to be held accountable.


Power your strategies with data at your fingertips. Make informed decisions for future campaigns based on all your online results from web to social giving you a precise picture of online customer movement. Make these analytics available to all your teams and create a culture of informed decision making.


Leave behind the collating of online results onto never-ending spreadsheets. Export easy-to-create reports for one business to hundreds, one channel to one region, national to local.

Features for Analytics

Location Filtering
Date Filtering
Location Comparison
Web Traffic
Web Conversions
Calls from Source
Social Metrics
Paid v Organic
Top Contributing Posts
Exportable CSV's

Data Driven Decisions For Growth

Create a culture of data driven decisions in your corporation, making online marketing performance accessible to everyone. Gain real-time insight on how your businesses are performing online.  Ensure you are investing in the correct strategies by seeing your top performing posts and their correlation to web traffic. Enable your business to react quickly to strategies falling short by collaborating and communicating with teams within SocioConnect.

Increase Efficiency

Save time and man-hours with exportable reports across web and social analytics for one to hundreds of venues. Increase efficiency, make sure you are investing in strategies that work and can be monitored in real-time to ensure your teams are delivery success.

Enriched Location Insights

Empower on-the-ground location teams to affect their own online marketing with actionable insights on web traffic, conversions and social campaigns. Enable them to see and influence online activities and add value with location insights and content. The amalgamation of performance and chat on SocioConnect enables location teams to be responsible and responsive to work alongside marketing teams to drive success.

Our testimonials

Building Connections with our Partners

"We have been working with SocioLocal since Aug 2019, the software allows us to get key messages out through our store network Facebook pages. The support provided by the team at SocioLocal is excellent, they are professional, responsive and expert in their area and I would highly recommend them as a team."
Emma Henry
Digital Content Manager | Supervalu
“The benefit of Social Connect is the planning of posts across different platforms. My managers can upload pictures of what they would like highlighted and I can plan the posts as far ahead as I like. Events around me are shown, so I can use them too. Very easy to use. Great analytics too.”
Anna Vanzel
Owner | Michie Sushi
"It's been a great experience working with Socio Local. We have seen our results go up consistently. Socio Local’s dedication and platform has helped us grow and we would be happy to recommend them."
Michael and Eileen McHugh
Owners | Daybreak Greenville
“I am very happy with the service so far. I have received positive feedback about our social media presence and the professional photography has improved our brand image”.
Tony Flanagan
Owner | Londis Cournelscourt
“At Putney Pantry we are very satisfied with the service provided by Socio Local. We have been receiving positive comments from customers regarding our Instagram page and we are happy to see an increase in our social media following."
Issa Cissokho
Owner | Putney Pantry