Cloud-based storage in
your marketing suite

Simple storage and filing across your business. Store, tag, categorise all your business files types and gain easy access via mobile or desktop.

Store & File

Keep all your business files in one place for your team to easily access. Benefit from our easy to use filing architecture by creating folders, tagging, naming and categorising files for easy search. Upload campaign assets and distribute to your entire business in just a few clicks.


Drive brand consistency across your business with an easy to use mass content upload, ensuring everyone gets notified of new assets. Pull content pool images straight into your publishing screen without uploads or downloads making social media post creation quicker.


Enable your teams to find the documents and content they need faster. Search by categories, tags and names that you can set on SocioConnect to suit your business need, for example, sale graphics, Summer campaign. Give your team the ability to work faster.

Features for Content Pool

Content Tags
Industry Categories
Search Function
Multi-file storage
File Sharing in Chat
Quick Publish

Brand Consistency

Brand is king! but with multiple locations, it can be hard to keep consistency. Content pool ensures your entire business network has access to the correct content, that they can find it easily, download it and create marketing content directly from SocioConnect for digital marketing.

Campaign Management

End-to-end marketing campaign management across a business is made easier with SocioConnects content pool. Build your assets and share them with your entire business in a few minutes, share guidelines on their use on our brand profile per location or in our chat function. Name, tag and categorise campaign assets so they are easy to find and use in digital marketing and even for future reference.

Increased Efficiency

Content pool reduces time spent searching for brand collateral, it increasing transparency of the current brand direction and gives marketing teams the ability to find and utilise content at speed. Give your marketing teams the ability to work faster and smarter.

Our testimonials

Building Connections with our Partners

"We have been working with SocioLocal since Aug 2019, the software allows us to get key messages out through our store network Facebook pages. The support provided by the team at SocioLocal is excellent, they are professional, responsive and expert in their area and I would highly recommend them as a team."
Emma Henry
Digital Content Manager | Supervalu
“The benefit of Social Connect is the planning of posts across different platforms. My managers can upload pictures of what they would like highlighted and I can plan the posts as far ahead as I like. Events around me are shown, so I can use them too. Very easy to use. Great analytics too.”
Anna Vanzel
Owner | Michie Sushi
"It's been a great experience working with Socio Local. We have seen our results go up consistently. Socio Local’s dedication and platform has helped us grow and we would be happy to recommend them."
Michael and Eileen McHugh
Owners | Daybreak Greenville
“I am very happy with the service so far. I have received positive feedback about our social media presence and the professional photography has improved our brand image”.
Tony Flanagan
Owner | Londis Cournelscourt
“At Putney Pantry we are very satisfied with the service provided by Socio Local. We have been receiving positive comments from customers regarding our Instagram page and we are happy to see an increase in our social media following."
Issa Cissokho
Owner | Putney Pantry