Data visualisation and analysis for multi-venue business

Business Intelligence is a premium feature that aggregates and displays data from 1000's of locations in an accessible and easy to understand way. Extract deep business value at both an estate level and individual location level to power the decisions you make.

Data visualisation and analysis for multi-venue business
Data Transparency
As a multi-venue business, getting visibility of your estates digital marketing data in one view is close to impossible. Trying to then understand your ROI on activities is time consuming. Our goal with Business Intelligence is to transform this challenge into a reality for multi-venue businesses; to visualise and analyse one to thousands of locations data in one view to extract deep business value.
Compare and Contrast
With the use of SocioConnect post labels and tags Business Intelligence allows you to see the performance of a campaign or product with ease. Compare and contrast many insights ranging from reach, likes, engagement and more. Drill down by the entire group, region, individual locations, by day, week, month or individual campaign or product category.
Export Your Data
Export CSV's per graph to give your teams actionable data to work with. No more collating data from multiple sources on excel. SocioConnect's Business Intelligence dashboards allows for each metrics data to be exported separately, giving you the ability to work faster with your teams. Choose to export by campaign, by product tag, or by location; the options are endless.

Features of Business Intelligence

Paid v Organic
Exportable csv's
Location Heatmap
Tag Filtering
Label Filtering
Region Filtering
Location Filtering
Likes Dashboard
Reach Dashboard
Engagement Dashboard

Tagging Capabilities for Products and Campaigns

SocioConnect labels and tags are used to categorise posts, campaigns and products when you create your content on the platform. Within the Business Intelligence module you can then filter by these labels and tags and drill down even further by looking at locations, reach, likes, engagement and shares. Extract deep insights at a brand and location level of what products are selling and what campaigns are driving the most revenue.

Tagging Capabilities for Products and Campaigns
Segmenting Brand and Local

Segmenting Brand and Local

On the Business Intelligence dashboard your team will have immediate access to brand versus local store data. See on one screen your brand performance and the breakdown of the same metrics per store via our charts and heat maps. Filter by store or by region depending on your business architecture to easily and quickly see what is working for some and perhaps not working for others. Spot high performing areas and stores with ease to drive your decision making with data.

Identify and Support Your Store Locations

Identify quickly the locations that are under achieving and provide them with support. Find the high achievers and reward them. Our filtering system of likes, engagement, reach, comments and shares will allow you see how each store is performing against each metric and each other. With data from SocioConnect you will be able to offer the necessary communication to your stores and bring your business together to drive sales.

Identify and Support Your Store Locations

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"We have been working with SocioLocal since Aug 2019, the software allows us to get key messages out through our store network Facebook pages. The support provided by the team at SocioLocal is excellent, they are professional, responsive and expert in their area and I would highly recommend them as a team."
Emma Henry
Digital Content Manager | Supervalu
“The benefit of Social Connect is the planning of posts across different platforms. My managers can upload pictures of what they would like highlighted and I can plan the posts as far ahead as I like. Events around me are shown, so I can use them too. Very easy to use. Great analytics too.”
Anna Vanzel
Owner | Michie Sushi
"It's been a great experience working with Socio Local. We have seen our results go up consistently. Socio Local’s dedication and platform has helped us grow and we would be happy to recommend them."
Michael and Eileen McHugh
Owners | Daybreak Greenville
“I am very happy with the service so far. I have received positive feedback about our social media presence and the professional photography has improved our brand image”.
Tony Flanagan
Owner | Londis Cournelscourt
“At Putney Pantry we are very satisfied with the service provided by Socio Local. We have been receiving positive comments from customers regarding our Instagram page and we are happy to see an increase in our social media following."
Issa Cissokho
Owner | Putney Pantry